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1. Come To The Cloud With Afonza

Manage your CMS and Web applications with Afonza’s infrastructure services.

Afonza leverages the power of AWS to manage your web content or web applications in the cloud. Before the managing begins, you must get to the cloud, and Afonza can be your migrating agent. The process is easy and simple with Afonza because:

  • Afonza manages the migration entirely using best practices. Moving to the Cloud requires planning, skill, and care. Afonza can gather, scoop, and safely shepherd your data to the cloud with the protocols and processes honed from years of experience.
  • Afonza abstracts your system infrastructure to give you time to develop your site or app. You are a work in progress, but you don’t have to be held back until your best ideas percolate to the top. As your business grows and your web apps become more agile, Afonza is the home base for your infrastructure. It’s all about IaaS, with an emphasis on the “S” (i.e., service).
  • Afonza’s provides these services on a monthly, subscription basis–no contract required. You pay for the services you need. If you like what we do and how we do it, you’ll be back for more next month.

2. Manage Your Web App Or CMS

With Afonza the process is quick, easy, and fully managed.

The process is easy and simple, and completely managed by Afonza. You can either update your site or web app (or both), and Afonza handles all infrastructure needs through a fully managed IaaS. Afonza becomes an adjunct to your IT department, freeing your own experts to concentrate on your business. It is as simple as contacting Afonza and describing your CMS and web app needs.

You don’t cope with disruptive updates and software patches. We do that in the background while you keep your eyes on the foreground of your business plans and goals. (By the way, this is one of the greatest benefits of cloud services. You stay ahead of the game while expert providers like Afonza and AWS keep up with the software and security challenges.)

3. Achieve Reliability, Availability, And Security

Afonza’s security, reliability, and redundancy make it your best choice for managed application services.

Afonza employs multiple layers of security. Your website is inoculated against data breaches or denial of service attacks. The system employs automatic scaling with equally automatic launches of new instances of the service based on your web traffic. It’s like AI with humans at the switch.

Again, Afonza only works with best practice design tactics. This ensures a high redundancy and availability through multiple AWS services. Redundancy is the key to availability. Local infrastructure management rarely has the redundancy for fast reaction and recovery from attacks or system failures. Afonza and AWS are your infrastructure on steroids.


Availability and Reliability in the Cloud

4. Pay Only For What You Need And Use.

Subscribe to Afonza’s managed CMS and get more bang for your IT buck.

The beauty of Cloud IaaS is how it both levels the playing field and keeps your IT costs under control. You don’t need the hardware capital investments to support your website with agile and secure web applications. You pay a known monthly charge, which becomes a cost of doing business, rather than a deep-pockets capital cost and depreciating investment.

You’ve heard the cry, “Show me the money!” Our response is, “The money is in the ROI.” (You probably know that ROI is an abbreviation for “return on investment.” But did you know it is also the French word for “king”? ROI is king. Get it?”)

5. Scale Your Content With WordPress And Magento Web Platforms.

Explore the endless possibilities with WordPress and Magento.

Afonza’s CMS and web app management are the ideal, yet simple and easy paths to managed CMS and managed application services on WordPress and Magento web platforms. WordPress is the gold standard for establishing your web presence. With Magento you have the power to build your website on an ecommerce platform to handle your online business with 99.999% uptime.

With Afonza’s scalability Managed WordPress and Magento and the consulting power of AWS:

  • Your managed CMS and managed application services are handled for you, while you attend to the core details of your business. CMS is your conduit to the web content that lures the web crawlers to your site.
  • You stay on track with your company’s online presence. You probably paid big bucks for that website with those sliding panels, lures and links. However, your web presence can be as ephemeral as the mysteriously changing search algorithms of Google’s star chamber. Afonza and AWS are the keys to help you keeping your web presence in step and on track.


Is your business like the dog being wagged by the tail of your website? Are those web apps growling and crashing because of backend database glitches? Let Afonza help you get ahead of your infrastructure challenges. We will leverage your CMS services with an IaaS presence that will help you compete with the big dogs.

It is as simple as contacting Afonza and describing your needs and challenges. Contact us and we’ll scope out your AWS requirements.

Where we come in:

Afonza is your Atlanta-based AWS solutions company.

We are your AWS Partner team with many years of cloud infrastructure experience.