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AWS Desktop as a Service

To meet the increasing demands of customers and the expanding mobile workforce, organizations of all sizes are moving toward an always connected workplace.
Today, businesses are turning to Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), which enables employees to access their applications and data securely and reduce IT cost.

Interested in deploying Windows Virtual desktop for your employees? Afonza created a DaaS Starter Pack allowing you to take advantage of AWS’s free 50 user offer.

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Your company is limited by your hardware

Many businesses are wanting to embrace modern workstyles, mobile applications, and device proliferation while maintaining a strong security posture and a highly productive user environment. Today, these businesses find the typical pain points with their current desktop solutions:

  • Traditional desktops are time-consuming to maintain, expensive and less secure than DaaS solutions.
  • Traditional VDI solutions are complex and require a high OpEx and CapEx spend to deploy and maintain.
  • Securing data at the edge is time-consuming and does not stop all security risks or vulnerabilities.
  • Provisioning hardware for new or temporary employees can take days to weeks.

Reduced IT Costs

Every functioning business needs a good team of IT professionals to fix program or hardware issues. But if your company’s desktops and laptops are at a minimum then you can use your talented IT professionals on more important tasks. With your desktop in the cloud, your IT team will spend less time managing and maintaining systems and more time on proactive and revenue generating projects.

Data Security

The individuals who access your company’s data are the greatest risk to its security. Not because users want to be the source of a breach, but because they are the easiest target. From traveling to hotels, airports and coffee shops, your end users are exposed to threats outside of your environment with data saved or copied to their device. A simple misplacement of their belongings or joining the wrong network could leave sensitive business information available to attackers.

With Desktop as a Service, you reduce the attack vector by leaving all company data within a controlled environment that follows your company’s security policies and controls. By leveraging Desktop as a Service, your company’s data is secure even when a device is stolen or lost.

Bring your own device

With support for Windows, OSX, Linux, Android, and IOS, almost any device can become a powerful machine. You can now enable your users to bring their own devices that they know and love and product your data without compromises.

Remote and temp employees

You can quickly and easily provision apps and desktops for remote employees, contractors or seasonal workers and easily close them down when not in use. No more lengthy provisioning cycles or hardware refreshes. Provision exactly what your users are needing and available when they need it. All within a matter of minutes.

Afonza Takes care of all the technical stuff

Multiple End-User Devices

Let your users bring their own devices. With support for Android, Apple, Linux, and Windows devices, almost any device can be leveraged for a desktop-like experience.

Well-Architected from the Start

As a certified Well-Architected partner, Afonza will ensure your environment follows AWS best practices and is designed to work with your current environment.

Application Management and Deployment

Needing to provide an updated application to your entire workforce? Not a problem! Application deployments can be performed in minutes across an entire fleet and provide users with a little downtime.

Windows Updates and Security Patches

Windows Updates and Security Patches are managed by Afonza and applied to your Desktop and Application Stacks to ensure security and compliance.

Data Encryption

With built-in features from AWS Key Management Service, you can leverage military-grade encryption keys and automatically rotate the keys to ensure data is secure and encrypted. If desired, AWS Key Management Service will allow you to import your own key to ensure you are the only one who has access to your data.

Backups and Replication Services

Your user’s data is backed up and can be replicated to a near-by region or across the globe!

Directory Integration

DaaS integrates with Active Directory, so your users can use the same logins as before to access their workloads and applications.

Streaming Performance

With protocols such as NICE DVC and WorkSpaces Streaming Protocol (WSP), users with lower quality connections will still experience a fluid and consistent experience.

Scale as your Business Grows

DaaS is scalable and can be quickly scaled within the same region or into another region within AWS.

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