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what is amazon aurora?

To keep it simple, Amazon Aurora is relational database engine that was built with the cloud in mind. It’s highly available, secure, scalable, and simple. Aurora engine’s are compatible with MySQL and PostgreSQL, making it easier to migrate your existing applications, while achieving speeds up to 5x faster than these open source engines.

Amazon Aurora is fully managed by Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS). You no longer need to worry about database management tasks such as hardware provisioning, software patching, setup, configuration, or backups. Aurora automatically and continuously monitors and backs up your database to Amazon S3, enabling granular point-in-time recovery. You can monitor database performance using Amazon CloudWatch, Enhanced Monitoring, or Performance Insights, an easy-to-use tool that helps you quickly detect performance problems

Why Afonza should be your Database migration partner.

Amazon Aurora is the ideal tool for migrating your database to the cloud. However, the process can be tricky and daunting, depending on the quality of your data and the type of migration support you need. Should you create a new Amazon Aurora database from an Amazon RDS for MySQL DB Snapshot? How can you best leverage the power of Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL to match the high-end commercial database engines? Will your tables migrate over with out confounds? Our database experts will guide you. Afonza will be your expert mentor in leveraging the full power of Amazon Aurora.

Bo Vaping by Vape Ranger

VapeRanger is a popular and highly visible online wholesale distributor of eLiquid / eJuice vaping products, providing more than 2300+ brands of high quality products to choose from. Our goal is to build lasting relationships with our valued customers, and assist them in their efforts to provide only the highest possible quality merchandise to their customers. In achieving this, we consider our largest priority on customer service, specialized pricing, and meeting the time requirements necessary for our customers to continue to provide the level of service they require to meet their customer's needs.


Due to the transactional nature of eCommerce, failures in the database is not an option. BoVaping needed to be able to, not only recover quickly in case of failure, but be able to recover from a point in time that could be hours or even minutes before the point of failure.


Amazon Aurora MySQL comes out of the box with fault-tolerant and self-healing storage. As each 10GB chunk of data is replicated six ways, across three Availability Zones, the client had peace of mind that a failure was very unlikely. Even if a failure occurred, we enabled Backtrack to meet the client's RPO(Recovery Point Objective). This enables BoVaping to go backwards and forwards to find the point just before an error occurred.

Spartan Camera

Spartan cameras original and most widely used purpose is for monitoring of your hunting ground. Having the ability to view animal activity on your mobile app without having to intrude on your hunting grounds.


Spartan Camera was in the process of decoupling their application and rearchitecting their infrastructure. Their VPS had become monolithic, with few resources to spare. During peak season, a crash had become part of the norm. There just wasn't a box big enough to meet our applications need's.


Spartan camera needed their infrastructure to scale with the ebbs and flows of demand on their application. Step one was to split out the database. Aurora was the only option. Spartan needed a database that was fault tolerant, scalable, and cost effective. When it comes to the cloud, there is no other Database that meet these requirements. We deploy Aurora read replicas that scale in the high season and snapshots and a second Aurora instance in another AZ for fault tolerance. 


Bring your database to the cloud with the faster, far-less-expensive, and fully managed alternative–the Amazon Aurora architecture. Afonza can expedite and ease that migration and allow you to focus on your core business, while we expertly look after your data at a lower cost. There are no up-front or minimum fees. With Amazon Aurora you only pay an hourly charge for each database instance you launch. When your database work is done, you can easily delete the job without having to over-provision your storage as a redundant safety margin. You pay for the storage you actually consume.

We can help you explore and optimize Aurora features. They include read/write database replicas spanning multiple geographically Isolated data centers. The latter is additional insurance in fault tolerance and availability. Afonza will be your expert mentor in leveraging the full power of Amazon Aurora.

As with all things Afonza, we have a team of MySQL/Aurora experts on standby 24/7 to ensure your database stays up.


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